Snatch vs Clean & Jerk Part 1: How Do You Stack Up?


The Olympic lifts have always been a staple in the CrossFit community. Thousands of CrossFit Affiliates around the world teach the classic lifts to a full spectrum of members, young and old, fit and unfit. As a result, BTWB is in a unique position to be able to capture weightlifting data from a wide variety of casual athletes who do CrossFit but may never participate in an actual Olympic Weightlifting meet. We are going to publish a series of data-driven articles looking at different aspects of the Snatch and Clean & Jerks. We will be breaking down the lifts by gender, age, bodyweight, etc. using data from over 100k athletes.
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Open For Business, Open For The Open: Starting A CrossFit Gym Part 10

After being a coach at CrossFit South Brooklyn in NYC for 6 years I moved halfway across the country to open my own affiliate, CrossFit Lumos, in Austin, TX. This series will chronicle my experience opening the gym and what I am learning along the way. This article is the final piece of the adventure, before I’m a real live gym owner. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9.

The CrossFit Games Open has always been my favorite time of the year. Despite personally having been described by my fellow coaches as a “slightly above average” CrossFit athlete (kisses), I still love the Open. I love the suspense, the strategizing and obsessing over each workout, what great challenges they are, and the way they bring together the CrossFit community, large and small.
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WOD Concierge

Look, we get it; life as a box owner/manager can be tough. You have all of the awesome ideas in the world, but you don’t have the requisite time to see a majority of them come to fruition. Case in point, you signed your gym up for BTWB…awesome idea. Finding the time to enter all of your amazing programming, though? Not so much.

Introducing BTWB’s newest service, WOD Concierge.

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