What, When, Why: Jump Ropes

This is an installment of our continuing What, When, Why series exploring gear, training plans, certifications, and other things that make CrossFitters ask “should I buy this?” In this segment we’ll share what we’ve learned after years as CrossFitters, as CrossFit coaches and affiliate owners, and simply as dudes who like fresh shoes.

A jump rope can be a CrossFitter’s best friend, a soothing aid that turns a section of a workout into a bit of an “active rest.” More often, they can be our worst enemy, a confusing and frustrating demon snake that seems committed to snarling at our feet and leaving us with welts and whip marks. Some people struggle at double-unders for weeks, months, or even years after starting CrossFit, and often times it’s because they are using a rope that is not appropriate for them! Think a new rope is what you need? You might be surprised…
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Our Best Personal Record ⚡


The new btwb app is now in beta. If you would like to be part our beta release email beta@btwb.com to be added to our beta list. Please make sure to use the email address your account is associated with. Include your full name and phone operating system (iOS or Android).

One of our main goals with the new app was to make everything easier to find. To do this we created a card layout to balance aesthetics and usability. When you login to the app you scan scroll through status cards that give you a birds-eye view of a feature. For example, the first status cards in the image above is the “WODS” card. It’s letting you know you have 5 workouts to handle today from two different tracks. Simply tap on that card to get more detailed information. The same goes for Fitness Level, Training Days, Weaknesses, Modality Analysis, Weigh Ins, Lifestyle, Lifting, Leaderboards and more. Read More