Is there an Ideal BMI for Performance?

bmi-cover-5*Original 📷: @prestonsmithphotography

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is an almost two hundred year old concept that roughly establishes a ratio between a person’s height and body weight.  Historically considered an important health marker, current research raises questions about the efficacy of BMI as a health marker- most famously when pro boxing superstar Evander Holyfield was found to be technically “obese” according to BMI metrics.  Most glaringly BMI focuses solely on scale weight, neglecting body composition- the amount of muscle vs. fat present in a body.
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New “Fitness Level Weekly” Track

Does your Fitness Level have a Green check mark? If not, our new “Fitness Level Weekly” track can help. It is now available as a free public track you can follow on BTWB.

(Located on the web under: Menu > “Your Tracks”, On mobile under: More > “YOUR NAME” > “Your Tracks”)

The most powerful feature on BTWB is our Fitness Level feature, which looks at your capacity across 8 different categories and assigns you a level from 0-100 for each of them. But this only works well if you’ve completed multiple workouts within each category. That’s why we created this new track, to help you get a more complete Fitness Level.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.41.58 PM

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