Announcing our new features, design and iPhone app.

Redesigned. Retooled. Reimagined.
We are the largest CrossFit log, have recorded over 3 Million results, and are growing faster every month. Knowing all of that, we decided to rebuild our entire system. Why? Because to support the CrossFit Revolution you not only have to Redesign and Retool your landscape, But also Reimagine it. Coming Dec. 1st

Consider the ways in which CrossFit has changed over the past few years. We’ve learned a lot about CrossFit, CrossFit Affiliates, and CrossFitters in that time. We’re lucky to have awesome users who have given us a ton of great feedback. Taking all that into account, plus some amazing ideas, we decided to set a new personal record.

Smart, Efficient, Effective Programming

Introducing the first tool in the world designed to help Affiliates and Athletes optimize their programming. We put all of the info you need to be a world-class programmer, right at your fingertips. With our new programming analysis tools, you’ll be able to see how balanced your programming has been, and what you need to assign to keep it that way in the future. Ever wondered when was the last time you assigned Fran? Deadlifts? 5K Run? You’ll never have to wonder again. Videos: Plan: Overview | Plan: Filters

Simpler, Smarter, Faster Logging

After 3 million results we’ve learned a lot about logging results. We poured everything we discovered into our new posting architecture and design. In short, you’ll spend less time doing more (very CrossFit of us).  Easily log extra lifting workouts, hotel WODs, and any other CrossFit workouts you do in your gym.

Logging has come to your iPhone

Introducing a fully integrated, full-featured BTWB iPhone app. Gym doesn’t have computers? No worries, now you can keep all your WODs, Workouts, and Extra Work up-to-date on your iPhone. Check your To-do list and log your results. Simple. Convenient. Done.

Different Programming for Different Members

Your Gym can now have up to 4 different Programming Tracks, and different members can follow different tracks. Think Competitor Programming, Beginner Programming, Strength Programming… Control which members can follow which tracks (Open vs. Closed). Only the Tracks you follow will show up on your To-do list.
You’re Welcome.