Updated Mobile Navigation: The Tab Menu & Universal Search


Navigation made simple.  Switch between different parts of the app quickly and efficiently.  The tab menu includes:

  • To Dos: Contains a list of workouts that have been planned for you for the current day.  Log results for them directly from this tab.
  • Log: Log a workout result you did independent of any planned workouts.  If you don’t belong to a gym, or you don’t Plan workouts for yourself, this will be the tab you use most.
  • Gym: Contains a live feed of the posting activity of your fellow gym members.  Stay up to date on who’s logging what numbers.
  • Notifications (only on iPhone): View comments other users have made on your workout posts.
  • More: Access your personal profile (including your Fitness Level), our database of workouts and movements, WODscreen, and social media sharing.

Android users will find the new tab menu along the top of the app. iPhone users can find theirs along the bottom of the app.


Universal Search

Easily search the entire app by simply typing in the first few letters of your query. We’ll generate a list of appropriate movements, workouts, and fellow gym members.

The search box appears automatically at the top of the iPhone app from the “To Do” tab. From the same tab, Android users can access the search box by first clicking on the “3 dots” icon located at the top-right of the app.


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