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Programming Breakdown: CrossFit Games Open 2014

Earlier this week we released a scores breakdown for the this year’s CrossFit Open. We also thought it would be informative to breakdown the programming (workout structure) for this year’s Open as well.

Movements in the Open
Monostructural Gymnastics Weightlifting
Row Double Unders Power Snatches
Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups Overhead Squats
Box Jumps Deadlifts
Toes-to-Bars Wall Ball Shots
Muscle-ups Cleans
Burpees (Bar Facing) Thrusters

At CrossFit’s Coach’s Prep Course, there is a section on analyzing programming. It’s a great course and we highly recommend it to anyone who has been through the CrossFit Level 1 Course. We built these areas of analysis into Beyond the Whiteboard, allowing you to see how your own programming stacks up (see: Analyze > Programming). The following is a breakdown of the 2014 CrossFit Games Open programming based on these characteristics.

 The Open Workouts were primarily AMREPs, Couplets, High Rep, Short-Medium Duration, Medium Load with GW Modality.







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