Identifying Olympic Weightlifting Weaknesses

Beyond the Whiteboard offers some pretty insightful Analyze features. If you navigate to “Analyze” > “Weaknesses”, you will see a collection of graphs that can help you determine areas of weakness.


The following “Overhead” graph is from a CrossFit Kinnick athlete.  It compares this athlete’s level across three overhead movements: Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Jerk.  By using Levels, we can make an apples to apples comparison across different lifts (and workouts as well).  Compared to the rest of the community, this athlete has very good Jerk technique, as well as powerful hips and quickness.  His Jerk Level is a 97, which means his Jerk is better than 97% of the athletes on Beyond the Whiteboard.  But his Shoulder Press Level is only an 85.  This indicates that his strict pressing strength is a relative weakness.


The following Olympic Lifting Technique graph is from the same athlete as above.  This graph compares each Olympic Lift with it’s associated Strength Lift.  As you can see,  across all Olympic Lifts, his technique,  powerful hips, and quickness overshadow his Strength Levels.  His Squat Levels are almost as good as his Snatch and Clean


There are many other graphs to analyze in your weaknesses section, and we plan to analyze some more examples in a future post.

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