CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.3 Guide

Workout 12.3

As many rounds as possible in 18 mins of:
15 Box Jump (24 in.)s
12 Push Presses 115 lbs
9 Toes-to-Bars

Official Demo Video

Mobility WOD: Prep and Mechanics for WODs

Gymnastics WOD: CrossFit Games Breakdown 12.3

Box Jump

CrossFit Journal

Gymnastics WOD

Mobility WOD: Recovering

Let’s be honest, you are doing this WOD twice. Might as well know how to recover the best way via Mobility WOD.

Push Press

CrossFit Journal

Old School Coach Glassman Video

Mobility WOD
Start at about 1:10.

Toes To Bar

Carl Paloi: Gymnastics WOD

Mobility WOD: Prep

Again Faster: Mic’d Instructur

Kipping Knees-to-Elbow & Toe-to-Bars from Again Faster on Vimeo.

One comment

  1. patrickNeal · March 8, 2012

    Holy fucking shit I love you guys. shut the fuck up and take my three dollars a month (as long as you keep doing the things I could do myself, but lack the time or energy). I love you guys.


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