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Forever Free Plan for Small Affiliates

As many of you know, running a CrossFit affiliate is a labor of love. However, many affiliates have to watch every penny when they first start out. In the beginning, we developed a free trial plan that would let smaller affiliatesbtwb_logo_email use beyond the whiteboard at their own pace. The trial period worked great and allowed for lots of affiliates to grow. That trial period is limited to 300 posts, which works well for a lot of affiliates. Because we know there are a lot of CrossFit boxes that are growing at a slow/steady pace, starting next week we are going to introduce a “forever free” plan for affiliates that have 10 members or less at their box or garage.

Our mission, from day one,  has been to help CrossFit affiliates organize, analyze and, most importantly, grow. We care lots about our community and really appreciate all the support we have been getting. We have big plans for the upcoming months and hope that you stay along for the ride.


  1. Phillip Morrison

    This sounds great! How does one sign-up for the “forever free” plan?


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