Get The Most Out Of Your CrossFit Group Class


Fresh out of Foundations, the world of CrossFit can seem a bit overwhelming, full of jargon, percentages, and acronyms only a government employee could love. (“This is an AMRAP WOD of T2B and DUs!!!”) While things can seem to move pretty fast, there are some specific strategies and considerations that will make your daily hour of fitness better spent. Read More

Chandler Smith: Heart, Sweat, & MRE’s

📷 via The CrossFit Games

“Success is the peace of mind in knowing that you’ve given your all into achieving a goal”
– Jordan Burroughs, World and Olympic Champion in Freestyle Wrestling

This year’s Regionals were quite the show. Each weekend was packed with outstanding performances, leaderboard shake-ups, and devastating heart breaks. One athlete that stood out though the most amongst it all was a 22 year old Chandler Smith.
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