New btwb App: Squads

The new btwb app, which will be submitted to the Android and iOS app stores soon, will include real-time messaging. You will be able to message your friends at your gym, and easily interact with their workout posts. When the new app releases, you will be put in a Squad with people in your gym and/or coaching programs. We’re also finalizing the ability to create your own squads with your friends (including friends at other gyms). 

Check out this quick video for an overview or keep scrolling for some more details.

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New btwb App: Calendar

We are excited to announce that the new btwb app will be released soon. We want to thank our awesome community for helping us beta test. The next series of blogs will cover different parts of the app.

Keep yours eyes peeled for video tips on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The new btwb app, being released in the next two weeks, has an awesome calendar feature. Your calendar is where all the WODs that are assigned to you are displayed. You can easily see which days you’ve already posted for, and jump to any day’s workouts by tapping on the day. Check out this quick video for an overview or keep scrolling for some more details.

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Snatch vs Clean & Jerk Part 2: Men vs Women

The Olympic lifts have always been a staple in the CrossFit community. Thousands of CrossFit Affiliates around the world teach the classic lifts to a full spectrum of members both young and old, fit and unfit. BTWB is in a unique position to be able to capture weightlifting data from a wide variety of casual athletes who do CrossFit but may never participate in an actual Olympic Weightlifting meet. In this series of data-driven articles looking at different aspects of the Snatch and Clean & Jerks we will break down the lifts by gender, age, bodyweight, etc. using data from over 100k athletes. Read Part 1 here!


In Part 2 we compare max lifts for men and women and discuss what this might mean for prescribing optimal female weights.

Looking at the ratio between female and male max lifts at different percentiles, we see similar trends between the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. At the upper end we see women’s to men’s lift ratios in the low 60s while at the lower end we see mid-to-high 50s. This suggests that there is a larger difference in ability between the top female lifters and the average female lifters compared to their male counterparts. The top female lifters are also closer in weight to the top male lifters than the average females are to the average males.

Snatch - M vs W.png

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