Two Minute Challenge

We just launched our own personal monthly competition.  Go to the “competitions” tab in the header of beyond the whiteboard and click on “2 Minute Challenge” for a listing of all of our events.  We hope this challenge will give everyone in the BTWB community a platform to test their abilities against one another.  They aren’t meant to be ridiculously hard; mostly 2 minute durations with a single movement.  See how you stack up against the competition, but most importantly…have some fun!  This month’s Two Minute Challenge is:  Max Double Unders in 2 Minutes.

Challenge Details:

  • The monthly challenge can be accessed via the “competitions” tab in the header of Beyond The Whiteboard.
  • A new workout will be announced at the beginning of each month.
  • You’ll have until the 15th to post your result and attach a video.
  • Videos must be on either youtube or vimeo.
  • Please show the timer at the beginning of the workout and at the end of the workout, as well as any distances and weights that may be required.
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